Bobby Sherman married longtime girl friend Brigitte Poublon in July 2010.
I worked with everybody, the best, and they actually paid me money to stand next to the people I idolized.
Bobby Sherman
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Bobby Sherman
Robert Cabot Sherman Jr
22 July 1943, Santa Monica, California
Robert Cabot "Bobby" Sherman, Jr. (born July 22, 1943, Santa Monica, California), is an American singer, actor and occasional songwriter, who became a popular teen idol in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

He graduated in 1961 from Birmingham High School in Van Nuys in the San Fernando Valley and received his vocal training from Georgia Massey's School of Song and Dance, also located in the San Fernando Valley.

Sherman first became famous as a house singer on the ABC television series Shindig! from 1964 to 1966. For several years, he tried to record singles and break out into the music industry, but he did not have much luck until he earned a role as a bashful, stammering logger on the television series Here Come the Brides, also on ABC, with Bridget Hanley as his romantic interest, Candy Pruitt. The cast included Robert Brown, David Soul, and Joan Blondell. He also appeared on an episode of The Monkees entitled "Monkees at the Movies", playing a pompous surfer named Frankie Catalina, performing the song "New Girl in School" (which was co-written by The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson, Jan Berry of Jan and Dean, songwriter Roger Christian and Bob Norberg, a room mate of Wilson's at the time).

In 1969, his first gold single, "Little Woman", became popular, peaking at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (#2 in Canada) and spending nine weeks in the Top 20. It sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc by the R.I.A.A. in October 1969. His other hits were "Julie (Do Ya Love Me)" (US #5) (Canada #3) (Australia #3) (written by Tom Bahler), "Easy Come, Easy Go" (US #9) (Canada #6), "Jennifer" (US #60) (Canada #32), "La, La, La" (US #9) (Canada #7), and "The Drum" (US #29) (Canada #7) (written by Alan O'Day). Some of these songs were produced by Jackie Mills, a Hollywood record producer, who also produced the Brady Bunch Kids. In Canada "Hey Mister Sun" reached #19, "Cried Like A Baby" reached #10, and "Waiting At The Bus Stop" reached #31. "La, La, La," "Easy Come, Easy Go," and "Julie Do Ya Love Me" all sold in excess of a million copies and garnered further gold discs for Sherman. "Julie Do Ya Love Me" was Sherman's sole excursion in the UK Singles Chart, where it peaked at #28 in November 1970. The song competed there for chart space with White Plains' cover version, which eventually placed higher at #8.

In 1971, after an appearance on The Partridge Family, Sherman was given his own show on ABC, Getting Together. The show competed with CBS's All in the Family on Saturday nights and was canceled after just 14 episodes. However, both the television series and the hit theme song of the same name landed a number of cover stories on such teenage magazines as Tiger Beat.

When Sherman guest-starred in several episodes of the Jack Webb series Emergency!, he found a new calling, focused more on his personal life, and eventually left the public spotlight. He soon volunteered with the Los Angeles Police Department, working with paramedic, CPR, and first aid classes, and also became a San Bernardino County deputy sheriff. According to Sherman, "I've been bestowed a mountain of blessings. I felt a need to start giving back." The entertainer subsequently received several awards for his humanitarian efforts.

Sherman built a one-fifth scale model of Disneyland's Main Street, made entirely by hand in his yard at home.

Sherman was married to Patti Carnel from 1971-1979. The couple, since divorced, had two sons, Christopher and Tyler, born in the early 1970s. Christopher and Tyler are married and have children of their own.

Sherman was mentioned in The Simpsons episode "Brother from the Same Planet". Marge Simpson remembered how she had a crush on him. In another episode, "Lisa the Tree Hugger", Homer compared Jesse's "non-threatening good looks" to Sherman.

Sherman was also mentioned in The Nanny episode "My Fair Nanny". While Fran was advising Maggie on how to increase her popularity in high school, Fran told her to discuss 'the three universal topics: boys, clothes, and Bobby Sherman.' When Maggie asked who Sherman is, Fran told her to use Marky Mark, even though he 'doesn't have half the talent of Bobby'. Sherman also appeared as himself in one episode of Frasier.

The movies would also make a reference to Sherman. In the 1999 film Dick, a 1972 teen magazine ran a contest to win a date with Sherman, with an entry deadline of midnight on June 18, attracting the interest of two teenage girls. Late on the night of the June 17, they wandered around the apartment complex where one of them lives, in order to mail in their entry before it was too late - and in the process, they encountered other people sneaking around the complex, and end up playing a major role in the Watergate scandal.

The phrase "Peace, Love, and Bobby Sherman" became a popular saying in the 1960s and 1970s.
Easy Come, Easy Go

I'm taking the shade out of the sun
Whatever made me think that I was number one
I oughta know, easy come, easy go

Sittin' it out, I'm spinnin' the dial
Thinkin' about the chump I've been ,I have to smile
Didn't I know, easy come, easy go

She wasn't kind, I wasn't smart
I lost my mind and fell apart
I had to find myself in time,
Now I can start all over again

Just Hangin' around, takin' it slow
So happy I found I still can smile and dig the show
Lettin' me know, easy come, easy go
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